Don't Fry Your Home When Your Fry Your Turkey!

Don’t Fry Your Home When You Fry Your Turkey!

The Thanksgiving Holiday is right around the corner. In seven days, many of us will be feasting on turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, hot buttery rolls, and who can forget the cranberry sauce or pies?

The novelty phenomenon known as the deep fried turkey has already become a tradition in many families.  While the taste is absolutely sensational, many people have actually been harmed or had their homes remodeled by an uninvited fire. 

We just want to remind you that along with this time to be thankful- a word to the wise - safety is an absolutely essential when deep frying.


1.       Product Placement – Be care where you put the deep fryer. Avoid garages or the inside of your home. Make sure the pot is on a flat surface away from your home.

2.       How Much Oil Is Enough? – Read the instructions and use only the recommended amount for your cooker. Don’t overfill the pot.

3.       Extinguisher on Hand – A small amount of oil on the flames underneath can cause a large fire.


Happy Thanksgiving from 1st Choice Inspection Services and 1st Choice Home Repairs