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Farmer's Almanac Predicts Harsh Winter: Are You Ready?

Have you checked your attic’s insulation lately? You should for a number of reasons. Insulation provides much needed protection from unnecessary conditioned air loss in your home and by provides a savings to your energy bill. Not enough insulation can transfer heat to the rest of the home and increase the demand for the air conditioner in the summer and the heating system to be overworked in the winter.


Door Weather-Stripping 101


An inexpensive way to keep out rain, water, insects, and the outside elements is by sealing drafts and holes around the door frames using weather- stripping.  Below are some basic steps to follow.

First: Get A Helper And a Flashlight- Go outside and shine a flashlight on the sides and the top of the door from outside your home. If your partner can see the light from the flashlight, you will need to replace the weather-stripping.

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